Artificial Lift Consultant and Well Performance Specialist


Serving the Oil and Natural Gas Industry

Areas of Expertise



Proficient in evaluating Flowing Temperature and Pressure surveys and accurately determining the cause of inefficient gas lift operation from these surveys.  Competent in using SNAP (System Nodal Analysis Program) to analyze, evaluate and compare gas lift and ESP systems. 


Using SNAP to design gas lift installations, optimize surface equipment, evaluate the efficiency in ESP performance to gas lift for similar Flowing Bottom Hole Pressure.

Jet pump sizing and designs using Nodal Analysis are made for a variety of reservoir conditions and producing rates.


We focus on providing the best technical expertise in gas lift design, optimization, troubleshooting and training for our clients, as well as in-house technical support to maximize oil and gas production.

Training of field and engineering staff in gas lift operations is available on request.  


Best industry practice is used for writing downhole intervention procedures to ensure cost-effective multi-stage vertical and horizontal workovers.

Experience in recompleting wells in the Cherry Canyon, Devonian, and Wolfcamp formations, and Spraberry wells in the Permian Basin, Texas.  


Production Engineering expertise in well stimulating techniques, and downhole intervening various formations in the Permian Basin.

The use of trouble shooting techniques and accurate evaluation to narrow the period of low production.

Cost effectively determine the need to downhole intervene, and reducing lease operating costs from misdiagnoses and unnecessary workovers.

Ensuring faster reaction time to failing producing wells, and maintaining maximum oil and gas production.

Running gas lift designs that best suit well conditions, and consequently produce wells to their full potentials throughout their producing lives.


Designing gas lift installations for tubing fluid operated (IPO) and casing pressure operated (PPO) installations.

Designing rod pumping, electric submersible pump systems, plunger lift systems, cement squeezes, and well stimulation treatments (i.e. wellbore acidizing, and fracking) for vertical and horizontal completions in the Permian Basin, the Barnett Shale, and East Texas oil and gas producing areas.

Maximizing oil and gas production from re-fracks, and preparing AFEs with economic justification for workovers.

Managing oil and gas producing properties to reduce operating costs, maximizing oil and gas production, and increasing rates of return.


Downhole Flowing Temperature Pressure survey evaluations, well-site gas lift analyses, rod-pumping and ESP trouble-shooting.